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Dubai based RJ arrested in Kerala over nude images scandal

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Two people including a UAE-based Radio Jockey have been arrested by the police in Kerala India for shooting a colleague’s nude images and circulating them over email. The incident is said to have occurred a month ago and professional rivalry is said to be the motive behind the case.

Following a complaint by the victim’s mother who directly approached the Inspector general of Police in Kerala two colleagues, Ashvin Kumar and Gayatri have been arrested.

They are searching for another person Shibin, also from the Radio industry and is said to have assisted Gayathri in obtaining the nude images from Ashwin, MN’s former fiancé.

Gayathri who worked at a UAE-based radio station, was upset with MN after she was replaced by the latter on a prime time radio show.

The radio channel in question has since deleted all details about Gayathri from its website.

Gayathri, in co-ordination with Shibin managed to get hold of MN’s nude images from Ashwin and then circulated it to her colleagues in the office.

Gayathri was on leave and in New Delhi when police in Kerala summoned and arrested her.

However, according to a report by Times of India, Gayathri took to Facebook to unearth dirt on her colleague.

Gayathri already knew that her potential victim had gone through a divorce and she had also indulged in an affair.

She did not have to dig much.

She befriended Aswin Kumar, the man with whom MN had had an affair earlier.

The two soon became good friends on Facebook and the two soon became good friends as they both had similar objectives.
Aswin Kumar, who hailed from Thrissur was a merchant navy officer and he had taken MN’s nude images and video when the duo were having an affair.

He readily passed them on to Gayathri, thus making her job easier. Gayathri mass emailed the video and images to her own colleagues via a fake email ID, to settle the score.
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