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MoI Kuwait mulls hike in traffic violation fines

March 19th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

KUWAIT CITY, March 18: The Ministry of Interior intends to increase the fine for certain traffic violations like crossing the red light, driving towards the opposite direction and using the mobile phone by hand while driving, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting Assistant Undersecretary of Traffic Affairs Major General Mohammed Al-Dosri.

The assistant undersecretary made the statement during the gathering held recently in honor of former undersecretary retired General Ahmad Al-Rujaib and former Assistant Undersecretary of State Security Affairs retired General Sulaiman Al-Mehlan.

Al-Dosri disclosed the proposal will be submitted to the Cabinet and the Interior and Defense Affairs Committee for discussion and approval. He also refuted rumors on the cancellation of traffic violations of citizens on the occasion of the national festivals. He asserted the ministry has always been keen on proposing reasonable fines, between KD 100 to KD 150, indicating the legislative authority has the right to reduce the amount prior to approval.

In another development, Al-Dosri affirmed the Cabinet is receptive to the idea of establishing a public transportation authority to deal with those who repeatedly commit the same traffic violation.

Minister of Interior Sheikh Ahmad Al-Hmoud is expected to announce a reshuffling and reform process covering all ministry sectors by the end of the current month, senior security officers told Al-Sabah daily.

Sources say assistant undersecretaries and director generals will be affected and “many senior officials will be referred to the Ministry’s Diwan if they don’t apply for voluntary retirement.”

Sources cited lack of productivity, dependence on old work systems, inability to work due to age-related causes or failing to control their respective departments as the reasons for the step.


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