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Kuwait fish market: Is it Zubaidi or gold?

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Don’t eat tomatoes! Don’t eat fish! Don’t eat meat! I cannot advise you to go vegetarian because even the price of vegetables is skyrocketing. It all started with the tomato revolution and it looks like the revolution has spread to fish and meat. As usual, revolutions can easily spread.

In all honesty, fish has always been expensive in Kuwait for many years.

I love to go to the seaside to buy fish. I cannot recall for the last five years that the price of zubaidi (pomfret) has come down to less than KD 6 or KD 5 per kilo. Now, the price has doubled to KD 10 or KD 12. I think the beautiful zubaidis are competing with the price of gold.

Earlier there was compensation with the availability of many other kinds of fish which were reasonably-priced within the reach of the middle class. Leave the zubaidi for the rich men. This has been the case for many years and we never bothered as there were other kinds of fish. In my opinion, they even taste better. It is just a matter of taste as many people love zubaidi. For instance, a basket of rubyan (shrimps) that weighs 20 kg used to cost as much as KD 20 to KD 30. Now the minimum is KD 70.

Nueby used to be reasonably-priced for people of less income. Now its price is soaring up to KD 75. The worst of all is a small kind of fish called ‘maid’ which nobody bothered about and which used to cost 200 fils per kilo. Now a basket of maid costs KD 50. Isn’t this a crazy price rise for a tiny fish called maid, which many people did not even choose for their tables before?

The government is justifying the high price with the fishermen’s strike. The fishermen throw the ball in the government’s yard and the government then kicks it back to their net. One of the major demands of the fishermen is that the kind of ecological fishnet that they are forced to use has been imposed by the government.

In all honesty, I prefer the fish from outside of Kuwait, especially in the wake of the Mishref sewage affair. Every time I see local fish from Kuwait, it looks fat, maybe because it is well-fed with the sewage. A friend of mine has been wondering why you eat the fish and you fall asleep immediately. No, thanks. I will opt for even frozen fish from the Indian Ocean or I can go as far as Vietnam. It is cheaper, clean and it is still fish. I hope they don’t realize the potential of frozen fish which people will start buying and in effect, increase the price.

Badrya Darwish

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