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Eureka electronics opens new branch in Farwaniya

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Kuwait: The Eureka electronics company opened its fourth branch in Farwaniya on Thursday. Rashid Al-Tabtabae, Undersecretary of Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the CEO of Eureka Ahmed Al-Qenaye, and Ahmed Muneer, Marketing Manager of Eureka inaugurated the event.

Rashid Al-Tabtabae, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry spoke exclusively to the Kuwait Times, "I am very happy to be present here for this ceremony, to open the new Eureka electronics company. I am very happy because such businesses are unique. This is because it has gathered all people’s needs. For most of the brands and most of the agencies are here especially in electronics, computers, accessories, family needs, especially equipment. So it is a good chance for people to come here, buy furniture for their homes, and see the available price range," he said.

They told me that prices are competitive without compromising on quality and the variety of all household requirements. The opening of the fourth branch here in Kuwait means that the company has achieved success in its business, and that they will continue to promote this unique idea in Kuwait," Al-Tabtabae said.

He added, "Our aim, especially in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is to keep the competition alive. We believe in achieving competition that yields good prices, good quality and give an opportunity for anybody to market. This is because we are trying not to monopolize our market. As you know, our market is an open one. Everybody can obtain a commercial license to conduct business, or withdraw from the market. We are organizers and implement the law. This will help so that we keep competition alive at its highest level. I mean, the complete competition.

As you know, before two months, the capital market law was issued and we are very proud about that. Secondly, a proposal has been submitted on amending laws that govern commercial companies with the Parliament. We have begun negotiations with the financial and economic committee. There is another proposal to vote for merchandising in Sales and Services. In addition to this there are other proposals submitted related to organizing the insurance sector here in Kuwait," Al-Tabtabae concluded.

Ahmed Al-Qenaye, CEO of Eureka said, "From the day of opening, for the next twenty days, we have big offers in store for all the customers on all electronic items, and this discount is available only in the Farwaniya branch. Moreover, inside Eureka, there are more than 7,000 exhibits present from different brands.
Rawan Khalid, Staff Writer

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